• Factory at W-123 A & 124 A, MIDC, Ambad, Nasik – 422 010, Maharashtra, India, spread over total area of 14400 Sq.Ft. with built-up area 9,230 Sq.Ft.
  • Strategically located 180 kms from Mumbai and 220 kms from Pune, for Manufacturing, Assembly & Testing of Metering Pumps, Multiplex process Diaphragm pumps, Accessories, Spare parts and Chemical Injection Skids as well .


  • Ultra Modern machine shop having CNC Lathes and VMC Machines in addition to GPMs and super finishing machines to enhance the quality and improve the delivery lead time of various pump components.

Testing Facilities

  • All pumps are tested in our factory under simulated conditions to ensure reliability.
  • Testing Stations, capable of testing two pumps simultaneously, are equipped with pulsation dampeners, regulating valves and electrical control panels.
  • Computerized test facility with data logging for pumps having larger Capacity from 6 m3/hr to 25 m3/hr. All parameters like flow rate, suction & discharge pressure, temp of test fluid, temp of gear box oil, motor winding temp, electric power, current,voltage are directly measured by transducers & displayed on control panel & real time data is logged on server, generating performance reports & graphs.
  • For cyclic pressure tests of Pumps, discharge pressure can be varied automatically using a control valve.
  • Meters to measure noise and vibration level of the pump-set.

Painting & Finishing Facilities

  • Paint booth with dry filters for painting the pumps.
  • Flexible shaft sanders for finishing operations.
  • 20 HP Air Compressor for painting and shop.
  • High pressure jet cleaning pump to clean components


  • An up-to-date storing facility with codification for all items in the stores and SAP-based computerized inventory control system with a complete traceability.

Inspection & Quality Control

  • VKPI has all the quality control instruments for measurement of finish machined components like Micrometers, Vernier Caliper, Bore Dial Gauges, Thread Ring & Plug Gauges, Height Gauges etc.

Material Handling Facilities

  • All production areas are covered by EOT Cranes and other material handling equipment for easy movement of materials and finished goods.


  • Constant Hydraulic Volume The diaphragm-activated replenishing valve, replenishes oil only when the diaphragm is in the extreme retracted position and never overfills the hydraulic side. Being is a self-adjusting system, no manual field adjustments are required. This is a distinct advantage over the conventional pressure-operated refill mechanism.
  • No Diaphragm Support Plates The DARS eliminates contoured diaphragm support, plates with small perforations which are necessary in the conventional mechanism. The elimination of contour plates increases the pump capability to handle liquid with slurry and also high viscosity fluids, since extra pressure drop and material buildup associated with contour plates are avoided.
  • Low NPSH Requirment As liquid passages are smooth and unrestricted, the NPSHR is lower than conventional pumps.
  • Volumetric Air Bleeding Pressure independent constant volume air bleeding system purges hydraulic fluid continuously and automatically, thereby ensuring metering accuracy unlike in the conventional designs which have pressure dependent air bleed system.
  • Longer Diaphragm Life The DARS keeps the diaphragm under constant balanced pressure thereby increasing the Diaphragm life.
  • Fail Safe Operation Pump can run under cavitating conditions without over stressing the diaphragm or overheating the oil. Built-in safety relief protects the drive from damage if discharge pressure exceeds the pump rated pressure.

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